I’ve been accepted into the Outreachy (round 11) as Linux Kernel intern. I’ll be working under mentorship of Greg Kroah-Hartman on staging drivers. The goal of the internship is to select one (or more) driver in staging tree and help get it out of staging.

What is Outreachy?

Outreachy  (previously the Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women) is a program designed to help people who are underrepresented in free and open source software by providing them with paid 3 month internship under the guidance of a mentor.

Originally this program was only destined to women, and now it’s open to: internationally to women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people. Additionally, it’s open to residents and nationals of the United States of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. And in future it will continue to expand to include as much underrepresented groups of people as possible. For more information go here

If you don’t belong to any of the groups mentioned above and you want to get involved with Linux Kernel, consider some  other options, such as:

Join kernel newbies mailing list and irc channel

Kernel newbies mailing list is list designed for people new to Linux Kernel programming. You can get help from experienced kernel developers as well as other newbies. I recommend first checking mailing list archive if you have some obvious questions like “How do I start with kernel development?”, because it was probably already answered several times.

Irc channel is for communicating with others in real-time. You can ask your question here as well, but don’t expect it to be answered right away. Sometimes no one knows the answer or can’t help you right away. So just post a question, wait and be patient.

Send patches to LKML

A great way to learn is to get feedback from others. To learn how to send a patch to a mailing list there is a very good tutorial FirstPatch.

Join Eudyptula challenge

This challenge is series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel consisting of 20 tasks and it’s done via e-mail. It is very important to do these tasks by yourself and don’t ask publicly for help on kernel newbies mailing list and irc channel or you will be disqualified. I’m also taking the part in challenge and I finished 12 tasks. It was both fun and challenging. The only drawback is that review of a task can take a while, sometimes more than a month. For more information go here.

Apply to Linux Foundation scholarship

This scholarship cover the expenses for one of the Linux Foundation training courses to be chosen by each recipient, representing thousands of dollars in value. In 2015 the Linux Foundation offered two scholarships in each of the following seven categories:

  • Linux Newbies
  • Teens-in-Training
  • Whiz Kids
  • Women in Linux
  • SysAdmin Super Stars
  • Developer Do-Gooder
  • Linux Kernel Guru

More information here.

Read books

To get more insight into kernel’s working following books are great:

  • Linux kernel development by Robert Love
  • Linux Device Drivers by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman