I attended LinuxCon + ContainerCon last week that was held at InterContinental Hotel Berlin. It was a great experience to attend such a conference and meet mentors: Julia Lawall, Daniel Baluta and Greg Kroah-Hartman and other alumni Outreachy interns.

On the first day Jim Zemlin started the conference with the keynote about Linux kernel development and future of open source. Jonathan Corbet gave a very interesting talk about importance of documentation and how ca it be improved. After morning talks Nithya Ruff hosted Women in Open Source Lunch where women could network and discuss important topics about women in tech, diversity and inclusion. After that was Outreachy panel where Julia Lawall first gave an introduction about what the Outreachy program is about and then each of us alumni interns presented our projects. I spoke about my work splitting the current driver mxs-lradc into MFD with adc and touchscreen part. At the end of the day was a party for speakers and sponsors at roof floor of Weekend Club, and it had an amazing view of Berlin.

On the second day Paul McKenney gave a talk about Linux-Kernel Memory Ordering where he presented work on automated tool to analyze memory ordering in C code. After that I attended Daniel Baluta‘s talk about lguest, which is a a small hypervisor for running Linux under Linux on x86 architecture. That evening was a party for 25 years of Linux that was held in Charlottenburg palace.

On the last day, before the conference begun, I went for a bike ride organized by the Linux Foundation (at 7 in the morning!). Our group had a guide and we visited the places near by. I arrived just in time for Keynotes and the one that stood out the most was by Thomas Di Giacomo

I recommend watching it:

I attended several talks after keynote:

After the conference I felt more motivated to continue participating and contributing to Open Source, I highly recommend going to LinuxCon, and hope that I could go to another such conference soon.